Ultimate 14oz R-1234yf A/C Recharge Kit with Wireless Smart Chip®

AG233 – 13oz R-1234yf A/C Refrigerant plus 1oz of Super Chill Formula with Stop Leak.


NEW Smart Chip® Technology – Smart Chip connects to your smart device (iOS or Android) and uses outside ambient temperature and humidity to accurately fill the A/C system with refrigerant by monitoring A/C vent temperature during recharge.  Learn more


#1 SUPER CHILL FORMULA – Proprietary refrigerant formula replaces lost refrigerant and oil. Improves the a/c’s cooling capabilities and provides better heat exchange by forming a protective film to decrease friction, reduce engine drag, and extend the compressor life.

STOPS LEAKS – System safe chemical additive stops leaks in o-rings and other rubber components where most common leaks begin.

Re-Useable Trigger Dispenser – With an extra long 20″ recharge hose made from super durable yet flexible material, the new Trigger dispenser will feel comfortable in your hands and make connecting to the low-side service port a breeze.

  • UPC 85002409403 / 6 per case
  • Patent Pending