Premium 14oz R-134a A/C Recharge Kit with SMART CLIPS®

AVL122 – All-in-one refrigerant with SMART CLIPS | UPC: 739214001229
AVL122S – Spanish artwork and instructions | UPC: 739214041225
AVL122CA –
Approved by CARB for sale in California | UPC: 739214011228

Smart Clip® Technology – Easy to use vent clips change to blue and green to show correct refrigerant charge and to prevent overcharging. No gauge required. Learn more

AVALANCHE Proprietary refrigerant formula replaces lost refrigerant and oil. The formula improves the a/c’s cooling capabilities and provides better heat exchange by forming a protective film to decrease friction, reduce engine drag, prevent oxidation and sludge formation and extend the compressor life.

Stop Leaks – System safe chemical additive stops leaks in o-rings and other rubber components where most common leaks begin.

Push-Button disposable recharge hose

  • Not for use on hybrid/electric vehicles with non-belt driven (electric driven) compressor.
  • 12 per case