R-134a Triple Seal® 3-in-1 Stop Leak

BD151 – Triple Seal 3 in 1 Stop Leak Formula | UPC: 739214001519
BD151S – With Spanish artwork and instructions | UPC: 739214031516

Auto A/C Stop Leak – for metal, rubber, and service port leaks. If system is holding a refrigerant charge for greater than 2 weeks, it can be chemically repaired with Triple Seal.

Repairs Metal Leaks – in the Evaporator, Condenser, Compressor, Filter/Dryer and Accumulator with chemical that react to moisture at the leak point.

Seals Rubber Leaks – in Hoses, Gasket and O-rings with a system safe chemical additive.

Stops Service Port Leaks – using a special tool to tighten valve cores.

Smart Clip® Technology – Easy to Use Vent Clip changes to blue to show that leak is sealed and a/c is continuing to cool. Lean more

Reusable Recharge Hose – For best results, recharge your system with refrigerant, immediately after using Triple Seal.  This removes any residual Triple Seal chemical that could restrict hose airflow and cleans your low-side service port for future use.  Alternatively, the recharge hose may be removed from the can immediately after use and flushed with Non-Chlorinated Brake Cleaner.  Spray the brake cleaner generously through the hose and allow to dry thoroughly.

  • Not for use on hybrid/electric vehicles with non-belt driven (electric driven) compressor.
  • 12 per case