Ultimate 18oz R-134a A/C Recharge Kit with Digital Pressure Gauge

BD232G – Refrigerant with #1 Super Chill Formula | UPC: 739214042321
BD232D – With Digital pressure gauge | UPC: 739214062329
BD232S  –
With Spanish artwork and instructions | UPC: 739214032322
BD232GCA –
Approved by CARB for sale in California | UPC: 739214052320
BD232DCA – Approved by CARB for sale in California | UPC: 739214072328

#1 Super Chill formula – replaces lost refrigerant and oil. The Ultra-Synthetic formula provides Maximum Cooling while extending system life.

Smart Clip® Technology – Easy to Use Vent Clips change to blue and green to show correct refrigerant fill and prevent overcharging. Learn more

NEW Pressure Gauge –Recharge by temperature and pressure: the safe and accurate way. Easy-to-read and reusable with any R-134a refrigerant can.

Stop Leaks – System safe chemical additive stops leaks in o-rings and other rubber components where most common leaks begin.

Re-Useable Trigger Dispenser – With extra-long 25” hose.

  • Not for use on hybrid/electric vehicles with non-belt driven (electric driven) compressor.
  • UPC 739214012324/ 6 per case