Black Diamond 134a Refrigerant For Older Vehicles – 12oz

BD-307 – r-134a Refrigerant for older vehicles.
BD-307CA – Approved by the California Air Resources Board.

Protects against System Wear – Helps protect A/C systems over 5 years old with advanced anti-wear additives.

Black Diamond Avalanche – #1 Super Chill formula replaces lost refrigerant and oil. The Ultra-Synthetic formula provides Maximum Cooling and extends the life of your system.

Stop Leaks – System safe chemical additive stops leaks in o-rings and other rubber components where most common leaks begin.

UV Dye – Allows easy leak detection with special dyes that glow when exposed to UV light.

SMART LOGO – Logo on can turns blue to show that refrigerant is flowing from the can to the a/c system.

  • Not for use on hybrid/electric vehicles with non-belt driven (electric driven) compressor.
  • UPC 739214013079 / 12 per case
  • Patent Pending