How cold is your A/C supposed to be?

You are driving on a hot summer day and blasting the A/C but the air doesn’t feel cold enough to cool you down. So how cold is your A/C supposed to be blowing? You may hope for a simple answer however there are many factors that determine this including outside ambient temperature, condition of the vehicle, and how the A/C is being used.

Every vehicle is different and has a different cooling capability so there is no single answer to this question. We can however make generalizations to get an idea of where the temperature should be. The following chart is from Honda and illustrates how a “Brand new” vehicle should be cooling the air. Chances are that your vehicle has some age on it so please take that into consideration.

Based on this information, we can generalize that if your A/C system is in good condition, it should be cooling 30 to 40º lower than the outside ambient air temperature. Also please keep in mind that how you decide to measure you’re A/C vent temperature is important. If your vehicle is sitting in direct sunlight vs in shade this will also affect the temperature reading.

If after measuring vent temperature you find that your A/C is blowing too warm, then there could be a number of factors affecting this. Fortunately, if your vehicle is low in refrigerant, then A/C Avalanche will not only restore the cooling capability, but it will also help to seal leaks and condition seals to improve and possibly repair the system altogether.

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