Do you have a cool car?

Is your car cool?  No, not Sports Car cool, we mean Temperature cool!  We all know that a car’s interior gets hot in the summer.  How hot you say?  Well within 20 minutes, interior temps can exceed 125°F and reach 140°F in just 40 minutes–a temperature rise of over 45°F!  Use these tips to quickly get rid of the heat in your car’s interior and stay cool this summer:

  1. Open It Up – Open your car windows and doors to let out some of the super-hot interior air and let in some of the (just hot) outside air. If you can open a sunroof – even better, since hot air rises and the hottest air in your cabin is at the roof of your car.
  2. Fan It Out – try this trick. Open your passenger window and then quickly open and close your driver side door 4-5 times.  This motion allows you to pump the hot air out of your vehicle.  In one Japanese test, using this trick dropped the vehicle temp by 14%.
  3. Don’t Max It Out! – Now turn on your car’s A/C, but DON’T set it to Max just yet! Yes, we are still trying to cool your car quickly, but the Max setting re-circulates the air that is in your cabin.  This air is still warmer than the outside air.  We need to draw outside air into the cabin to be cooled.  Turning your A/C to High (not Max) draws outside air that is easier, and faster, for the a/c to cool.  Once you begin to feel cool air, turn the A/C to Max to cool this air even faster.
  4. Make sure your A/C is working its Best! – If your car’s A/C is not blowing cold, it is probably low in refrigerant. Refrigerant leaks out as the rubber components of your A/C system get older and more brittle.  You can make your car factory-room cold again in about 10 minutes with A/C Avalanche®.  A/C Avalanche®, uses Smart Clip technology, so that you can quickly add just the right amount of refrigerant for optimal a/c cool.  Plus A/C Avalanche®, contains additives to seal the rubber leaks in your A/C so that you stay cool all summer.
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