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Pressure gauge is too inaccurate! $170 mistake!

Customer review by DMK48

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The AC in my 2011 Subaru was getting a little warm, and because my wife had a road trip to LA with our kids the next day, I figured that the AC system was a little low and that I could use this to fix it. I was right about the AC system being low, but wrong about using this to fix the problem. After thoroughly reading the directions, I completed all the steps. The AC was freezing cold again! My wife then left on a 300 mile road trip to Los Angeles (in July). About an hour into the trip, she called and told me the AC was blowing warm and getting warmer. At this point, it was 114 degrees outside in a traffic jam with two kids under two years old in the backseat. Needless to say the heat was unbearable and it was rapidly becoming a dangerous situation for the toddlers. I figured that the pressure gauge on the AC Pro was woefully inaccurate and that the system was overcharged. She had to find an AC mechanic open on a Sunday along I-5, in 114 degree heat, and with 2 kids sweating and crying in the back. The mechanics confirmed my suspicions that the AC system was overfilled 6 ounces! Either the gauge was off, the product doesn’t work, or it was user error. Knowing that other people have used this product effectively, and that I am fairly competent in understanding vehicles, directions, and thermodynamics, I believe the pressure gauge is too inaccurate for proper use. Bottom line, I paid a mechanic $170, returned the AC pro, and re-learned that the easy and cheap way is rarely the right way.

 The product review above is a true story and unfortunately, it happens all too often! Overcharging your A/C system causes it to blow warm air, just like an under-charged system. Gauges don’t work on many vehicles. Don’t guess if a gauge will work on your car’s a/c. Use AVALANCHE SMART CLIPS and charge by vent temperature.

AVALANCHE developed SMART CLIPS to measure vent temperature and visually show you when you have added enough refrigerant. Simply add refrigerant until SMART CLIPS change color. Using thermochromic technology, the first Smart Clip will change from white to blue indicating that you are approaching the correct fill. The second Smart Clip changes from white to green, indicating that the fill is complete. (If the outside, ambient temperature is above 95°F, only the blue Smart Clip needs to change color for the correct refrigerant fill. Leave SMART CLIPS in the vent and recheck when the temperature falls below 95°F to make sure the system is fully charged).

So, Take the Pressure out of Recharging your Auto A/C, using Smart Clip Technology!

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