New in 2018

All new 2018 AC Avalanche products with R-134a refrigerant are equipped with EPA mandated self-sealing valves. Most refrigerant products pre-2018 were equipped with a piercing-style valve which remained open and could leak refrigerant if used improperly.  As required by Section 608 of the EPA Clean Air Act, all refrigerant cans are required to have a self-sealing valve which remains closed when the recharge hose is removed.

How do Self-Sealing Valves work?


Old Piercing-Style Valve

Pre-2018 refrigerant cans use a piercing-style can top as shown above. The recharge hose punctures through the top and must remain on the product until completely emptied, otherwise refrigerant will blow out and the can will empty when the hose is removed.


New Self-Sealing Valve

The new EPA mandated self-sealing valves are equipped with a spring mechanism as shown above. Unlike the piercing-style can top, the valve will close itself which allows the recharge hose to be removed before the product is completely emptied.

Do I need an Adapter?

Recharge Hose Adapter AVL-420

If you own a Reusable “Piercing-Style” Recharge Hose then you will need an adapter to use it on refrigerant products with a new self-sealing valve. The AVL-420 screws onto new self-sealing valve cans and will allow you to keep using your existing “piercing-style” recharge hose with the added benefit of being able to remove the hose without discharging the contents of the can.

View AVL-420 product details

Which products need an adapter?



Any product with a self-sealing valve that does not come with a compatible recharge device requires an adapter to be used with an older piercing-style hose. Just look for the red starburst with “New EPA Self Sealing Valve” text located on the top of each can.