My mechanic says I have an A/C LEAK, am I out HUNDREDS of $dollars$??

Your vehicle’s A/C is blowing warm air.  You’ve tried to recharge your A/C and it blew cold for a few weeks and then slowly got warmer.  What’s going on?  What’s happening is that you have a slow leak.  Your A/C will only be cold when it has enough refrigerant.  As the refrigerant slowly leaks out, your system slowly gets warmer.

You decide to bite the bullet and take your car to be repaired.  The mechanic says that it will cost you hundreds.  There goes that summer vacation you had planned!  But WAIT!  There could be another, cost effective, solution to your problem!!  Black Diamond Triple Seal seals leaks in both the rubber AND metal parts of your A/C.  In a single application, the chemicals in Triple Seal rejuvenate brittle, cracked rubber components and form a permanent seal on the metal components of your A/C.  Plus Triple Seal contains a valve core tool to tighten the valve on the low side of your system, another common leak point.

If your system can hold a refrigerant charge for more than 2 weeks, then Triple Seal is your answer.  If your system is leaking more quickly and you are losing your charge in less than 2 weeks, than your leaks may be too large to be repaired chemically and you may need a mechanical repair.

How does Triple Seal work?

Over time, due to temperature changes and motor vibration, rubber components in your A/C system become dry and brittle and form cracks and leaks.  Triple Seal’s formula rejuvenates the rubber components by penetrating the rubber, making it more flexible and closing the cracks so that the rubber once again seals.

Pin-hole leaks in the metal components of your system are quite common and very expensive to repair mechanically.  At a leak point, there is condensation or moisture, caused by the interaction of the cold of your A/C system reacting to the heat outside.  The chemicals in Triple Seal react when they contact the moisture at a leak point and form a scab-like patch on the outside of the metal part, permanently sealing the leak.  Triple Seal will not harm your system components and will seal multiple metal leaks in a single application.

Another common source of system leaks occur from the valve of your service port.  The easy cure to this leak is to make certain that your valve is tight, so we’ve added a valve core tool to Black Diamond Triple Seal.   The valve in your service port is like that on a bicycle tire and is tightened the same way.  Simply insert the valve core tool into the valve and tighten by turning clockwise.  Don’t overtighten or turn the valve counter-clockwise, which could release refrigerant from your system.

Now go and take that summer vacation.  With Black Diamond Triple Seal, your refrigerant leaks are a thing of the past, your budget is saved, and your A/C is blowing cold again!

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